Who We Are?

Plata is a tech platform powered by AI that is redefining the financial experience in Mexico.

Plata's mission is to simplify the financial experience, make it more accessible, user-friendly, and reliable.

With a dedicated team of over 700 employees from all over the world, Plata is a Mexico based company, which is revolutionizing the way payments, and personal finances are done.

Our Products

Plata Card

A credit card backed by the state-of-the-art technology and a personalized rewards program with up to 15% cashback on purchases and an interest-free installment program.


Plata Difiere

Is the deferred interest payment option for those without a credit card. Under the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' model, customers receive credit for a specific purchase.


Our story

Plata Project

Four experts in banking and technology came together in Mexico to start developing an innovative financial platform.

Start Operations

Plata begins operations with its first financial product: Plata Card, a cash rewards credit card with customizable benefits.

BNPL Product

Plata expands its product line and launches Plata Difiere -BNPL payment option for people without a credit card.

50 Cities

Plata expands its coverage to over 50 cities in Mexico, where Plata ambassadors personally deliver the card to the customers doorstep.

Plata DNA

What distinguishes us and moves us

  • Personalized Experience

    Personalized Experience

    Every customer is unique, that is why we create financial products that adapt to the tastes and needs of each individual.

  • Transparency And Security

    Transparency And Security

    Providing peace of mind and transparency to our customers is our priority, which is why we leverage the latest technology.

  • Simple And Intuitive Products

    Simple And Intuitive Products

    Financial inclusion starts by creating intuitive and simple products. Only then will more people overcome their fear of managing their finances.